I am here to help you with the technology behind your business so you can release the stress and overwhelm and focus on your zone of genius.


Complimentary Audio Recording for Overcoming Your Fears

    You Deserve To Free Yourself From…

    • The hours at your computer figuring everything out - you have better things to do!

    • Communicating with your clients through social media alone. Pssst…. This is not a good idea.

    • The mind-numbing activity of getting the technology to work for you!

    • The burden and give yourself the gift of time and joy being IN your business.

    What if you could…

    • Have more time and energy to work in your zone of genius — the business you created?

    • Stop being afraid of the tech you have in place?

    • Not worry about taking a day off because you have the systems in place to let you?

    • Grow your business bigger than you ever imagined?

    My Mission

    I take pride in providing services primarily for female ‘soulful’ entrepreneurs so they can spend their valuable time in their business, in their zone of genius. You don’t have to do it all on your own. I am on your team.

    You are doing everything you can to fill in all the pieces so your business elevates. You are staring at your computer, knowing you have to get that email funnel set up, but at the same time, disgruntled because it’s tough and you’d rather be doing something else. I understand completely and am here to help you untangle yourself from the technology that has you in a bind.

    I am digital wizard at your service, specializing in Squarespace Website Design, helping you streamline, automate and elevate your business.


     Imagine having the time and energy to live outside of your business.


    Kind words from clients

    You’ve been a pleasure to work with. Your knowledge in web design and hypnosis has made the process of getting my business up and running seamless.

    I highly recommend your services especially to other hypnotists since you have an extra layer of value you provide. Knowing you were working on this project made me feel at ease. And you gave me the freedom to work on building my business while I knew you were handling everything on the tech side.

    ~ Janine


    Work With Lisa


    Release The Burden

    I know the ramifications of spending way too much time on tasks that are not growing the bottom line of your business, and I am here to help you. It’s why I began this venture into being a virtual assistant. I have the expertise, skills and knowledge to help you streamline, automate and elevate your business.

    You are either spending your valuable time on the digital side of growing your business, taking away from what you really love to do, or you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing (or even have the desire to learn) all the digital tools used to run your business. And goodness… let’s not forget your website! That alone can give spin you out of control. But, you know you desperately want to ELEVATE your business… so you do it all anyway.


    Help Is Here!

    Is all this technology monopolizing your time? Let me help you. Let me give you back your joy, your freedom… your sanity.

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    My Purpose

    I strive to provide each and every one of my clients solutions that elevate, automate and streamline your business. You have digital needs and I am here to seamlessly connect all the moving parts so you can relax and focus on your zone of genius.  I absolutely LOVE getting all the moving parts to work together - just like a well-oiled machine. I help you gain the freedom for you to do what you love to do when it comes to your business and your personal life.

    Does geeky web stuff spin your chakras out of balance?

    Take a few deep breaths and relax. We’ve got this!

    Do you want to…

    • Elevate your business?

    • Stand out among your competition?

    • Attract the best clients?

    • Confidently sell your products services at the right value?

    • Know what works and what doesn't?

    • Grow your business every single day?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions (or perhaps you answered yes to all!), then we need to talk.

    You deserve to enjoy the ease and flow of your business!

    You can have a beautifully designed site that captures your essence, elevates your brand, and attracts more clients.

    I help you streamline and automate your email communication, expand your reach and deliver your message.


    Do you have more questions? Send me an email!