The beautiful thing about life is that it is always changing.

Find your wave and ride it to the top.


A Little About Lisa

I love teaching, learning, and inspiring people to live their very best life. I’m a former elementary teacher, self-proclaimed cashew, carrot cake, and almond butter lover! 😀 I'm married, and have a 22-year-old daughter. I've coached and taught almost my entire adult life. Helping, teaching, and supporting women inspires me and ignites a fire in my soul.

My husband, daughter and I are originally from Michigan, but picked up and moved to San Antonio, TX the summer of 2010, and haven’t looked back! We love it here, and although the seasons we had in Michigan were nice, I don’t miss them at all. I love warm weather and the more sun, the better.

My love of technology started back when a desktop was huge and cell phones were just arriving into our world. I used technology in my elementary classroom regularly and always wanted to learn the latest and greatest of programs and gadgets.

Since 2010, when I left the classroom, my love for technology has grown along with my business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. I’ve designed professional development programs for teachers, online classes for my coaching business, PDFs and slide show presentations. I’ve learned PC and Mac programs and have created my own websites for different businesses. I have set up systems for my own businesses to manage emails, be more organized and make my life easier.

I love making everything work seamlessly and all that tech stuff that you agonize over… I absolutely love. To each his own, right? Time is of no existence when I am involved with technology and everything I have learned, and have done for myself, has put me in the perfect place to help you ELEVATE your business.

Now it’s time to make your life easier.