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Virtual Assistance Subscription

Do you want consistent, specialized support?

This is a premium monthly subscription and is designed for those who are ready for a full service option.


  • Your subscription is a 2-month contract to start and then you are on a month to month contract. You can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice.

  • Your needs may change month to month, however, the only tasks I will do are the ones outlined below.

  • Content is your responsibility to provide in a timely manner. ALL CONTENT IS PROVIDED BY YOU. You are the expert in your business and I will provide suggestions and work with you as we move along our journey together.

  • I use Squarespace and ConvertKit as my two platforms for email marketing and website design.


Tasks in more detail

 Email Funnels and Management

  • Opt-in forms and sequences

  • Campaign emails

  • Schedule broadcasts

  • Analytics for open rates, click rates, etc.

  • Email marketing strategies and best practices to elevate your business

NOTE: I highly recommend ConvertKit because of its ease of use, simplicity in design and customer service, so if you are open to migrating over, let me know!

Website Design and Maintenance

Designing Your Website With Squarespace

  • Pre-Consultation to discuss site’s function, style, feel, accessibility and overall purpose

  • Home page mock-up

  • Colors/fonts/styles to match your brand and message

  • Page-layout and design

  • Responsive (mobile-friendly)

  • Social media integration

  • Form integration

  • Online systems integration

  • Domain connection and website setup on Squarespace

  • Integration with ConvertKit (you will need a subscription)

  • Blog setup

  • Set up Email Campaign in Squarespace (if applicable)

  • Final Presentation of site and domain name connection

  • Routine maintenance and updates

  • E-Commerce set-up and management (if applicable)

  • “Learn and Launch” video session

  • On-going email support

Inbox Management

This is minimal management of your inbox and includes standard replies, junk mail clean up, important emails noted for you to review and updates to your calendar if needed.

The process will be discussed during our consultation call. You can exclude this from your action items and more focus can be applied elsewhere.

Social Media Content Scheduling

  • Scheduling social media content on Facebook and Instagram (only)

  • Monitoring analytics for likes and engagement

I will not create content for you. I can be a sounding board and give helpful suggestions, but you are providing the images and captions to be scheduled. I will not engage or comment on your posts as you, I am simply scheduling them to be posted.

Landing Pages

A Squarespace subscription is required for me to design landing pages. There are many platforms to create landing pages, however, I am invested in knowing all I can about Squarespace and its functionality, therefore I am able to provide the best service to all my clients by staying with one platform instead of taking the time (your time) to learn, and become comfortable with, another platform.

A custom domain name is required. I use GoDaddy myself where you can get a domain name for under $10/year. If you already have a domain, I will connect it to your Squarespace site.

PDFs and Presentations

As long as your provide the content, I can create PDFs and presentations matching your brand and style.

I work closely with you and always do my very best to meet your deadlines and free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.

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Your virtual assistance subscription is customizable.

You determine what your needs are based on what I provide and how many hours you want dedicated to your business per month. You are invoiced on the 25th of every month and payment is due by the 1st.

20 hours - $700/month
40 hours - $1,400/month

If you need more hours within a given month than what your subscription allows, you will be charged $25 per each additional hour. Hours do not carry over to the next month.

I only work with 3-4 clients at this level due to the commitment and dedication I give to each client.